Jenny Healy - Bowen Instructor

Jenny Healy - Bowen Instructor

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Home Base: Rockhampton

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Jenny Healy is a certified Bowen Therapy Instructor and Specialised Bowen Therapist, with Diplomas in Bowen Therapy and Kinesiology and more than 15 years experience operating a successful professional practice based in Rockhampton, Queensland. Whether treating clients in her clinic or at home with her family, every day includes Bowen in some way.

Having seen firsthand the powerful healing that Bowen can facilitate, Jenny is excited to share this gentle, highly effective modality with others. In her practice, Jenny loves to see her clients expand their emotional and physical wellbeing, freeing themselves from pain and trauma, as a result of this dynamic therapy.  In classes, Jenny gains great satisfaction from observing students transform from both giving and receiving treatments, which in some cases has been life changing.

Jenny is passionate about Bowen Therapy. As an instructor, she enjoys sharing her love of this unique modality with all who are interested in working with people and helping others enhance their quality of life, by assisting them in facilitating changes to their presenting conditions.  Her deep knowledge and understanding of the Bowen technique is evident in clinic and throughout her classes.  Jenny supports and encourages her students to achieve their full potential and places an emphasis on training highly professional and well skilled students/practitioners, who in turn can share their newfound abilities with their wider communities.

Catering to the residents of Central Queensland, Jenny is happy to conduct courses in CQ regional areas where numbers permit.  If you think that Bowen is something you’re interested in learning, then contact Jenny today by email or phone to secure your spot at the next round of Certificate IV in Bowen Therapy 10533NAT courses or explore class times through the Bowen Training Australia course search.

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Module 1

Start Date: 02 Feb 2019Register Now

End Date: 03 Feb 2019

Venue: Rockhampton, QLD

Start Date: 01 Feb 2020Register Now

End Date: 02 Feb 2020

Venue: Rockhampton, QLD

Module 2

Start Date: 16 Mar 2019Register Now

End Date: 17 Mar 2019

Venue: Rockhampton, QLD

Start Date: 14 Mar 2020Register Now

End Date: 15 Mar 2020

Venue: Rockhampton, QLD

Module 3

Start Date: 04 May 2019Register Now

End Date: 05 May 2019

Venue: Rockhampton, QLD

Start Date: 18 Apr 2020Register Now

End Date: 19 Apr 2020

Venue: Rockhampton, QLD

Module 4

Start Date: 15 Jun 2019Register Now

End Date: 16 Jun 2019

Venue: Rockhampton, QLD

Start Date: 30 May 2020Register Now

End Date: 31 May 2020

Venue: Rockhampton, QLD

Module 5

Start Date: 27 Jul 2019Register Now

End Date: 28 Jul 2019

Venue: Rockhampton, QLD

Start Date: 11 Jul 2020Register Now

End Date: 12 Jul 2020

Venue: Rockhampton, QLD

Module 6

Start Date: 14 Sep 2019Register Now

End Date: 15 Sep 2019

Venue: Rockhampton, QLD

Start Date: 22 Aug 2020Register Now

End Date: 23 Aug 2020

Venue: Rockhampton, QLD

Module 7

Start Date: 26 Oct 2019Register Now

End Date: 27 Oct 2019

Venue: Rockhampton, QLD

Start Date: 10 Oct 2020Register Now

End Date: 11 Oct 2020

Venue: Rockhampton, QLD

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