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Sandra Gustafson (USA) and Georgi Ilchev (Bulgaria) touring Australia in 2018!

We are excited to announce two international instructors will tour Australia later this year. Sandra Gustafson (USA) will offer two workshops Bowenwork for People Living with Cancer and Women’s Wellness. Georgi Ilchev (Bulgaria) will offer Bowen Body Decoding. See dates and details below.

Women’s Wellness with Sandra Gustafson
Pre-requisite: Module 7

Hobart: 11-12 August – Email BAA for registrations at
Sydney: 14-15 August
Brisbane: 22-23 August

Bowenwork for People Living with Cancer with Sandra Gustafson
Pre-requisite: Module 6

Sydney: 16 August
Brisbane: 24 August

Bowen Body Decoding with Georgi Ilchev
Pre-requisite: Module 7

Brisbane: 21-22 November FULLY BOOKED!
Cairns: 24-25 November
Melbourne: 2-3 December FULLY BOOKED!
Sydney: 8-9 December FULLY BOOKED!

Registrations are now open!

Please download your registration form below:

Note that these workshops are not part of the nationally-recognised training, however they are Bowtech-accredited and eligible for CE points with BAA.

John Wilks touring Australia in 2018!

We are excited to announce that UK Bowen instructor John Wilks will tour Australia in February 2018, offering two workshops in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. They are:

● Pregnancy and Birth: How Bowen practitioners can help achieve the best possible outcome for mother and baby (taught by John Wilks and Lina Clerke)

● The Secret Life of Fascia

Dates available

Perth: 3-4 February Mother and Baby
Perth: 5-6 February The Secret Life of Fascia
Melbourne: 10-11 February Mother and Baby
Melbourne: 12-13 February The Secret Life of Fascia 
Brisbane: 16-17 February Mother and Baby 
Brisbane: 18-19 February The Secret Life of Fascia
Sydney: 22-23 February Mother and Baby
Sydney: 24-25 February The Secret Life of Fascia 

Workshop pre-requiste

Module 7

Watch the video below to learn more about the workshops:

Please visit this page and scroll to the bottom of the page for thorough descriptions.

Numbers are strictly limited and anticipated to sell out.

Registration is now open!

Download your registration forms below:

Note that these workshops are not part of the nationally-recognised training, however they are Bowtech-accredited and eligible for CE points with BAA.

Kelly Clancy returns to Australia in 2017!

kelly-clancy-btaUS Bowenwork Instructor Kelly Clancy returns to Australia in 2017 to teach her workshop series Tensegrity Medicine™. Offered in two parts, these two-day Tensegrity and Fascial assessment workshops are designed for the Bowen practitioner looking for cutting edge assessment tools that allow a more targeted, scientific, effective treatment approach. By learning to objectively test and document connective tissue limitations, you will be able to choose the most appropriate Bowen procedures, helping to avoid over-treatment, and staying true to Tom Bowen’s “less is more” mission. With these fascial assessment techniques and objective measures, you will then be able to educate your clients on the source of their discomfort, communicate client progress to other providers, and document outcomes for further Bowen research. Join us for these exciting, innovative workshops and learn to put these tools to work immediately in your practice!

Workshops available

Tensegrity Medicine™ I

  • Brisbane: 24-25 March 2017
  • Melbourne: 29-30 March 2017
  • Sydney: 1-2 April 2017

Tensegrity Medicine™ II

  • Brisbane: 26-27 March 2017
  • Sydney: 3-4 April 2017
  • Not available in Melbourne. Please consider travelling to Brisbane or Sydney if you would like to attend.

Participants may attend

  • Both workshops together
  • Tensegrity Medicine™ II, if also completing Tensegrity Medicine™ I, OR if you completed Bowenwork, Tensegrity and the Fascial Lines in Kelly’s 2015 Australian tour
  • Tensegrity Medicine™ I alone

Places are strictly limited and anticipated to sell out. Please register early! Your payment secures your place.

Please download the brochures below for further details and registration.

Tensegrity Medicine™ I brochure

Tensegrity Medicine™ II brochure

Alexia Monroe extra workshops – NEW DATES AVAILABLE in Cairns – September 2016!

bowen-instructor-alexia-monroeSenior US Bowenwork instructor Alexia Monroe is visiting Australia for the International Conference in Cairns where she is offering her continuing education workshop “Chronic Conditions and Bowenwork.”

Additionally she is offering this workshop in Sydney on 20-21 August.

Alexia holds almost 50 years experience in a wide range of healing modalities. Since learning Bowenwork from Ossie and Elaine in 1993 however, she has practiced nothing else. She says, “I devote myself exclusively to Bowenwork because I have not found its equal in any other therapy”.   

This workshop explores:

  • patterns of chronic conditions and Bowen choices, so as to avoid “scattershot” work on every pain. A decision-tree to help you discriminate, prioritize and know when to stop
  • strengthening your inquiry skills — gathering sufficient data to overcome your assumptions
  • challenges in long-term care — dependencies, backsliding, hopelessness, recording small gains, managing friend/client relationships, defining scope of practice
  • working alongside medical professionals — creating treatment reports, building referral relationships, knowing when to really refer
  • engaging chronic condition clients — interest groups, explaining Bowenwork, branding your work properly, pricing long-term treatment

Workshop dates available

  • Sydney: 20-21 August 2016
  • Cairns: 5-6 September 2016 (after the BAA conference)
  • Cairns: NEW EXTRA WORKSHOP 7-8 September 2016

Download your Cairns brochure and registration form here.

Celebrate a centenary in Cairns – Tom Bowen 1916-2016

Please join us and Bowen Association of Australia next year in Cairns for our International Bowen Conference, “A Bowen Centenary – Celebrate the Past and Future.”
Lock these dates in your diary, and stay tuned here and on the BAA website for updates.

Don’t miss out on the Early Bird Registration Fee!

BAA Celebrate A Centenary in Cairns


Kelly Clancy visited Australia in November 2015

US Bowenwork Instructor and Occupational Therapist Kelly Clancy visited Australia in November to teach her continuing education workshop, “Bowenwork, Tensegrity and the Fascial Lines.”

This workshop explored: 

  • the concept of Tensegrity and its application to the fascial system
  • specific knowledge of the fascial lines, the anatomical structures within these lines and the pathologies commonly associated with them
  • tools to provide a more targeted and effective treatment for clients
  • selection of appropriate Bowen procedures based on Myofascial Length Testing outcomes
  • using objective measurements to educate clients as to the source of their discomfort, to communicate client progress to other providers and to document outcomes for further Bowen research

Thank you to all who joined us in Brisbane, Sydney & Geelong!

To receive notification of future workshops, please subscribe to our mailing list here.

Bowen Training Australia is now a Registered Training Organisation

As of 7 May, 2015 Bowen Training Australia purchased Border College of Natural Therapies and is now a Registered Training Organisation RTO#41134 in its own right. BTA took over delivery of BCNT’s nationally recognised training from 8 May 2015. All currently enrolled students transfer over to Bowen Training Australia to continue training uninterrupted. Stay tuned for further updates.

Certificate IV and Diploma of Specialised Bowen Therapy courses reaccredited

Congratulations to Border College of Natural Therapies (BCNT) who have had the Certificate IV in Bowen Therapy 10533NAT and Diploma of Specialised Bowen Therapy 10534NAT re-accredited for 1st February 2015 to end January 2020.

All new students will be enrolled in these courses. Current students will complete the courses they are already enrolled in and should aim to complete all aspects of their course within the next 12 months.

Bowen webinars

John Wilks launched a new Bowen therapy webinar series in 2013. Each webinar is on a different topic and is fully interactive. Participants can ask questions and contribute as though in a real classroom. Available for most platforms (PC, Mac, iPhone, Android etc) and you can test your ability to connect prior to signing up. A brief tutorial is available for participants to familiarise themselves with the interface. Cost is £22 per webinar. Please visit their website here for up to date information.

Recent workshop topics include:

  • Working with Pregnant Mums and Babies
  • Building a Thriving Practice
  • Fascia, Anatomy and Movement

Click here for registrations and more information.

For webinar subscriptions, click here.

Bowen therapy featured in the March 2013 edition of JATMS, the Journal of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society

ATMS-Journal_March_2013 cover +p1


John Wilks’ Bowen Therapy article “The Bowen Technique – Mechanisms for Action” is featured in JATMS Vol. 19 No. 1 March 2013.

Read the article in full on pages 33-35 (about half-way through) here. (Click the image to open)



BTA President Katrina Ridley interviewed in Nature & Health magazine

Nature & Health: When is a massage not a massage? Our President Katrina Ridley was interviewed for a Bowen Therapy feature in the Aug/Sep issue of Nature & Health, a popular health & lifestyle magazine in Australia. The article is now available to read online here.

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