Kelly Clancy

Kelly Clancy has been practising in the field of rehabilitative medicine for more than 32 years. Her focus is not only on the physical issues that may be present in disease and dysfunction but also on the relationship of and influence of stress, cognitive belief patterns, and emotions within the physical form.

She uses biotensegrity principles as the foundation for evaluation processes, targeted light touch manual therapies, movement integration and dialoguing as a means to restore three-dimensional balance and homeostasis within the whole person.

She is an occupational therapist, certified hand therapist, holistic health counsellor and a board-certified structural integrator and massage therapist.

Through body awareness techniques, education on self-care, nutrition, movement, and exercise, Kelly focuses on the multifaceted, multilayered components that lead to greater health and wellness. Her primary goal is to empower her clients to learn and practice a balanced lifestyle that supports health and well being.

Kelly teaches nationally and internationally on the therapeutic methodology that she developed called Tensegrity Medicine. She is on clinical faculty at the University of Washington’s rehabilitation department where she lectures on the topics of fascia, biotensegrity, innovative light touch manual therapies, and body-mind medicine. She also teaches internationally as a senior instructor for the Bowen Academy of Australia.

You can visit Kelly’s website here to learn more about her online courses.


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