Bowen Therapy and Diabetes

Diabetes is a rapidly increasing, worldwide health problem. Bowen Therapy and Diabetes examines Diabetes in depth, and the appropriate Bowen treatments.

This workshop explores:

  • diabetes as a rapidly increasing worldwide health problem
  • the role of the pancreas in diabetes
  • the various types of diabetes
  • the specific medical problems associated with diabetes
  • symptoms that require medical referral
  • the challenges faced as Bowen therapists working with diabetics

Robyn says,

Tom Bowen was a family friend and a diabetic. In those days it was referred to as “having sugar!” Diabetes is one of the fastest growing health problems in the world. Practitioners are now seeing increasing numbers of diabetic clients, and there is a need to be aware of all their unique health needs. The aim of this workshop is to give Bowen practitioners the confidence and competence to cope with diabetics in an informed manner.

Prior to this workshop being submitted for approval, I spent time at the Cairns Diabetic Centre in far North Queensland. The workshop was presented to the nurses there as part of their CEU training. They unanimously agreed that Bowen therapy may be both suitable and beneficial for diabetics.

Bowen Therapy and Diabetes is a 1-day workshop.

Presented By: Robyn Wood
Pre-requisite: Module 6
1 day
Continuing Education Units: 8 hours – Category 1