Assessment, Palpation & Interoception For Bowen Therapy

 Assessment, Palpation and Interoception for Bowen therapy provides an exciting mix of theory and practical giving you skills to apply in your Bowen clinic the next day.

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  • Enhancing your skills in assessment, palpation & interoception (how you feel inside)
  • Finding the cause of presenting complaints
  • Palpating body tissues with confidence
  • Applying moves in such a way as to encourage improved interoceptive processing

In the workshop:

  • Develop assessment skills: patellar tracking, hamstring contracture, calf & Achilles length, bursitis, ankle sprains, upper trapezius, neck, TMJ dysfunction
  • Enhance palpation skills: bony prominences and soft tissue of arms, legs and jaw
  • Interoception and the link to the gut-brain and application of Bowen procedures
  • Hands-on Bowen:
    • BRM 1, 2, 3
    • Knee
    • Hamstring
    • Bursitis
    • Ankle
    • Neck UR/TMJ
    • Respiratory and Gall Bladder

What have practitioners said about the course?

“I found it interesting and informative, there is a contrast in the topics but also they work well together.

The presenters come across as genuine and warm. The introduction starting with touch, helped deepen my understanding of the importance of palpation.

I learned some new assessment skills and my interest was piqued by the sports/ general injuries presentation. Michael comes across as very knowledgeable in this area.

For myself, as a new Bowen therapist, it was helpful to learn a few exercises to pass onto clients.

The workshop contains a gentle introduction to interoception, which was easy to understand and reminds us that we can tune into our client’s needs and adapt to suit.

I would recommend this course as it covers both practical components and anatomy.”

–Hilary Blee

“The Assessment, Palpation and Interception workshop was jam-packed full of skills for identifying problems and how to resolve them, as well as information to enhance treatments for stress and digestive issues. 

First week back in my clinic and I have already applied what I learned on numerous occasions with confidence.  

Michael and Karen encouraged us to think outside the square, and I believe the new skills they taught me have improved the outcome of my treatments already.”

–Prue Duffy

Presented By: Michael Quinlivan and Karen Hedrick
Pre-requisite: Module 7
2 days
Continuing Education Units: 16 hours – Category 1