Bowen and Stroke Care

Did you know that 65% of stroke survivors suffer long term effects? Bowen and Stroke Care explores the causes, impacts and types of strokes and how Bowen can be used to bring relief.

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This workshop explores:

  • different types of strokes, why they happen, and the challenges faced in treating immobile people
  • exercise programs, including stimulating games for the mind to support Bowenwork
  • how to deal with negative attitudes resulting from having the Stroke
  • working with a client with chronic fatigue syndrome
  • a roadmap is created of the brain and its functions and appropriate Bowen procedures allocated to specific sites
  • practical sessions are done in threes, and cover how all Bowen moves are performed in either seated or semi-supine positions

‘We never know when we may need this special expertise.’ – Robyn

Bowen and Stroke Care is a 1-day workshop.

Presented By: Robyn Wood
Duration: 1 day
Pre-requisite: Module 6
Continuing Education Units: 8 hours