Bowen Therapy for Sports Injuries

Bowen Therapy for Sports Injuries provides theoretical and practical sessions for Bowen practitioners on the topic of sport. Michael has a long career in many sporting areas, including umpiring in the VFL and professional running, and maintains a keen interest in and understanding of a wide variety of sporting pursuits. With his expansive knowledge in this area he has many practical tips to share with Bowen therapists for use in their clinic and sporting arenas. While the emphasis is on sporting injuries, the content delivered applies equally to people in everyday life. For example, a shoulder injury is a shoulder injury, whether sustained on the sporting field or in the workplace.

This workshop explores:

  • Treatment protocols for pre-event, event, and post-event.
  • Development of individual treatment plans
  • Gain an insight into the pathologies of sport related injuries, the process of soft tissue repair, musculoskeletal and joint structures and rehabilitation techniques including up-to-date information on fascial fitness.


  • Learn classification and grades of injuries, assessing the severity of injuries
  • The body’s response to injury including the three repair phases and the rehabilitation steps required to return to competition.
  • Causative factors in sustaining injuries such as the effects of fatigue especially in the area of overuse injuries and prevention strategies are also covered. The reinjury cycle is described and discussed.

The two days are formatted with the first day covering the Lower Extremities and the second day covers the Upper Extremities.

Bowen Therapy procedures relevant to specific injuries are demonstrated and are practiced by the participants. These are delivered by scenarios giving the occurrence of many typical conditions resulting from sporting injuries that any Bowen therapist is likely to have present in their clinic.

What have practitioners said about the course?

“I know I raved on and on about how fantastic the workshop was, but it was all true.

It wasn’t an ego thing on your part either which is often the case with some presenters and the punctuality made me feel the money was so worth it!

The content was fabulous and really easy to understand and I felt validated and worth something.

I’m so excited by it all over again. Sometimes we tend to lose our mojo a little with work and other people, but you’ve given me new emphasis and vigour to go at it again.

At some of the workshops I’ve attended over the years, you get the feeling of being dumbed-down to the point where you’re feeling ‘What’s the point!? I’m not very bright at any of this!’

You are exemplars of how tutors should conduct themselves, you were equals to us and made me feel I’m not so dumb after all.

Many, many thanks. I can only look forward to coming to Albury when I have the time and money to attend other inspiring courses.

Virginia and I talked about it most of the way home. We both had a fabulous time and rekindled our energies because of this workshop.”

–Judie Rowling

Presented By: Michael Quinlivan
Pre-requisite: Module 7
2 days
Continuing Education Units: 16 hours – Category 1

16/07/2022 - 17/07/2022