Pilates and Bowen

Explore your understanding of fascia as a Bowen therapist, its relationship to exercise, and how Bowen ties in to exercise. Pilates and Bowen is hosted by Michael Alcott and Pilates Instructor, Geri Taylor.

This workshop explores:

  • Bowen therapists’ understanding of fascia, its relationship to exercise and the relationship of Bowen to exercise
  • When to stretch and when to strengthen, and when to use isometric and concentric exercises
  • Exercises and stretches beyond the current curriculum
  • The importance of exercise for Bowen and fascia
  • The elements of fascia and fascial fitness: stretch, spring, feel, revive
  • Specific exercises to improve fascial fitness
  • The reasons for giving clients specific exercises after Bowen sessions
  • How to know when to stretch and when to strengthen
  • The use of isometric and concentric contractions
  • Assessment techniques and exercises choices
  • Discussion of problem areas followed by assessment, appropriate Bowen procedures, and stretching and strengthening as appropriate
  • Exercise teaching techniques
  • Slides and take-home materials with pictures to help remember the stretches and exercises

Learn simple do-able exercises to share with your clients to boost results.

Michael says,

Together with the super-knowledgeable Pilates Instructor Geri Taylor, I’ll be presenting a two-day workshop on simple Pilates exercises that you can give your clients to help rehabilitate themselves.

Explore common presentations, look at which fascial lines are involved, choose appropriate Bowen procedures, and then learn some simple Pilates exercises to stretch and strengthen the relevant structures.

Pilates and Bowen is a 2-day workshop.

Presented By: Michael Alcott and Geri Taylor (Pilates Instructor at Viva Pilates)
Pre-requisite: Module 11
 2 days
Continuing Education Units: 16 hours CE