World-first documentary about Tom Bowen

How did two hands create a technique so popular that it is practised in more than 40 countries by more than 26,000 people? Who is Tom Bowen and why has his story never been told? Bowen Association Australia in conjunction with Starmax Films are producing the world’s first documentary film, These Two Hands: The Tom […]

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New Bowen Therapy Podcast What’s the BowenBuzz? Launched in November 2016, it’s the first podcast dedicated to Bowen therapy and Bowen therapists worldwide. It’s an online space for information about Bowen therapy and related topics for Bowen therapists, clients and anyone interested in Bowen therapy or soft-tissue therapies in general. Your host, Bowen Training Australia trainer, Chris […]

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Bowenwork for people living with cancer

Originally published in the June 2015 issue of Bowen Hands, The Journal of the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia. — Written by Sandra Gustafson MHS BSN RN Cancer is a disease that affects all societies around the globe. With all the financial, medical and scientific research resources so focused on ‘finding the cure for cancer,’ […]

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Tell me again, how does Bowen work?

A Bowen move activates the following mechanisms to reset the body to heal itself. 1. Stretch reflex — most Bowen moves are done either at the origin, insertion or belly of the muscles where the golgi cells’ receptors are located, informing the nervous systems on the state of tension, length or stretch in the musculotendinous […]

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Bowen Therapy… A great career

“I have had the privilege of working with many people to enhance their well-being: from injury recovery, to supporting clients to relieve their aching back or stiff neck, to stress relief, and so much more. As a Bowen Therapy Practitioner I am able to make a living whilst helping people find a sense of well-being […]

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Learn Bowen Therapy for the family

A touching story  from the Philippines, of a daughter who learned Bowen therapy to support and treat her father, who has Parkinson’s Disease. Mum learned too, and through their study and practice, they are now able to help the whole family. Their teacher, Rita Hart-Smith writes: “Perhaps the most gratifying thing for me as a […]

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Bowen, antifreeze for frozen shoulder

Freedom of movement can be taken for granted. But when movement is painful and restricted, it can impact greatly on many aspects of life. Frozen shoulder is a restriction of movement of the shoulder, often accompanied by pain. It is usually caused by injury or repeated strain. It can also be post-surgical. People suffering with […]

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Cellular change with Bowen Technique

“People ask, ‘what is the Bowen Technique?’ It is a system of gentle but powerful soft tissue, mobilisations using the thumbs and fingers over muscles, tendons, nerves, and fascia to restore the self-healing mechanism of the body. People are amazed at the sensations they feel after a Bowen session. Tom Bowen, the founder of the […]

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Bowen Therapy on Good Morning New Zealand TV!

Ossie and Elaine Rentsch are interviewed on Good Morning New Zealand TV. They’re joined by Kali Barton, who suffers from frozen shoulder for a short demonstration with noticeable results. To find a Bowen practitioner in Australia, visit To train in Bowen in Australia, visit

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Bowen Therapy for trauma, shock & depression after NYE bashing

“Today was the second visit for a young man who had come to me seeking help: he was depressed, nauseous, house bound and had been for the past 3 months. As he nervously walked through the door one week previously, he was pale, stony faced, looking down-caste and lacking any spark of vitality. His Grandmother […]

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