Geopathic stress and the human body

“Science now acknowledges that many things, once considered harmless, are now known to be harmful. Trying to understand health brought up the question that regulation of a human organism involves more than just nerve impulses and hormones. Biomedicine links the laws of physics and chemistry to view the body as an integrated, coordinated functioning system, and […]

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Bowen and natural posture

“Good posture is important to good health. But what exactly is good posture? Most of us have learned to stand erect by tucking under our tail bones, lifting the chest, pulling back the shoulders, and drawing in the belly. Although that is normal posture today, Kathleen Porter, author of Ageless Spine, Lasting Health says that  Natural […]

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1:2:3:4: Upper Back to the Rescue…

On a flight home from our Australian Instructors’ Meeting, there was a medical emergency on the plane with a gentleman passenger. His daughter was moved to the seat adjacent to me in a state of shock. Pale, trembling and wanting to vomit, the Fight Attendant knelt beside her. I quietly said, ”Excuse me, I am […]

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Never miss a Bowen Opportunity!

Calling in to my local fishmonger on my way for a swim, I was greeted in rather subdued tones. Asking why he looked so miserable, he told me he hurt his neck badly when he woke up that morning. “Let me do a little Bowen for you,” I sympathised. “It just may help.” Willingly he […]

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Are you growing and eating your own beetroot?  If not why not! Mr Bowen often told his patients to eat a slice of raw beetroot at day for Kidney problems, but I wonder if he knew why. Beetroot Nutrition Info An average size cup of beetroot would contain approximately 31 food calories; 8.5g of carbohydrate, […]

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