Bowen Therapy… A great career

“I have had the privilege of working with many people to enhance their well-being: from injury recovery, to supporting clients to relieve their aching back or stiff neck, to stress relief, and so much more.

As a Bowen Therapy Practitioner I am able to make a living whilst helping people find a sense of well-being and better quality of life.

If you are ready for a career change, I would highly recommend working as a Bowen Therapy Practitioner.  I’ve seen stay at home mums, grandmothers, massage therapists, nurses and even mine workers establish successful Bowen practices.  Some use Bowen as an addition to their current services. Others like myself, work with Bowen Therapy alone.  As a Bowen Practitioner equipped with Nationally Recognised Training (through BTA TOId 41134) the opportunity to develop a successful practice is yours for the taking.

Sixteen years ago I heard about a body therapy called the Bowen Technique.  After hearing and reading so many good things about it I decided the following year to begin my Bowen journey.

What appealed to me the most, besides the positive responses from clients, were the consistent feedback that it is gentle, non-invasive and effective.  The added benefit that you can use Bowen Therapy on infants, the frail and elderly, and everyone in between was also a bonus.

Nationally Recognised Training consists of the Certificate IV in Bowen Therapy (10533NAT) and the Diploma of Specialised Bowen Therapy (10534NAT).

Interested, but not sure if becoming a Bowen Practitioner is for you?  Peruse our website and join our Facebook community for inspiring and useful information about becoming and working as a practitioner of Bowen Therapy.”

Katrina Ridley

Dip BT, Dip Teach, Cert IV TAE

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