Bowen Body Decoding

A Q&A with Georgi Ilchev, Senior Bowtech Instructor (Bulgaria)

What is Bowen Body Decoding and how can it improve your practice?

Bowen Body Decoding is a ‘turning point’ class for every Bowen therapist. The workshop offers valuable information and skills in how to determine the primary cause or dysfunction as well as solutions for treatment. As we know, every body is different, which means every treatment must be unique also. The workshop will teach you what moves and procedures to perform, but more importantly, how to perform them.

Why do we treat the reason and not the symptom?

Every Bowen therapist must look for the reason for one’s symptom(s) or suffering. Focusing on symptoms will most likely mislead us and limit our success rate. We need to treat the reason, but also educate our patients on how to eliminate the reason, or at the least, diminish its influence. This is the best way to create long-lasting results and a successful practice.

What is anamnesis and why is it important for Bowen therapists to understand?

Anamnesis is a term for a medical history or case history. It is believed that half of the treatment happens during the time we take a medical history. This is the time when the therapist has to look beyond the symptoms and try to discover the reason for the condition as well as offer solutions. The therapist must listen carefully and observe the patient closely to determine which path to follow. This is also the time when trust is built between therapist and patient.

What happens in the workshop?

You can read more about the workshop content below, but one really valuable part is when we invite a patient to attend class on the afternoon of the second day. Typically, it’s a patient invited by one of the workshop participants. It offers an invaluable opportunity to put our 2 days of learning into practice. We observe how the teacher takes the case history and performs all functional assessments, as well as the treatment itself. Reassessments afterwards have shown immediate results.*

This summer, in Germany, we had a wonderful case in class where a patient diagnosed with sciatica attended. He presented with sharp pain and difficulty walking. Our case history, observation and patokinesiological analysis after our functional assessment, revealed we were dealing with a sciatic type of pain, but not with a real sciatica. Our findings led us to the reason for his pain which happened to be far away from his sciatic nerve – the opposite QL and psoas. After a 5-minute treatment our patient was able to stand up and walk pain-free and even jumped on one place several times. It was quite impressive!*

About the workshop:

Bowen Body Decoding is a 2-day workshop focusing on an individualised approach to assessing patients. It is essential for any Bowen therapist to understand the importance of detailed anamnesis, good observation and precise assessment in order to achieve quick, solid and lasting results. Through observation and physiotherapy assessments, practitioners will be able to easily target the area(s) of concern and achieve higher success rates.

This class will aid Bowen therapists in extending their knowledge to achieve a better understanding of how the Bowen technique works and the changes it brings to the body.

In the workshop:

  1. What happens under the skin? How each part of the Bowen move affects the body. What is the scientific basis behind the Bowen move?
  2. How tissues respond to different types of pressure. Different proprioceptors in the body and their function. How different speeds, pressure and depth of Bowen moves lead to a different body response. How to “order the outcome” through a better understanding of body language.
  3. Anamnesis: Its importance and what to ask for
  4. Observation: What to look for and how to determine asymmetry
  5. Physiotherapy assessment tests before treatment. An algorithm to approach musculoskeletal disorders and asymmetry. Different physio assessments will be demonstrated for therapists to gather useful data for the area or/and the muscle/s responsible for the problem. A selective, targeted approach is promoted for Bowenwork.
  6. Treat the reason not the symptom: Target your treatment based on your assessments to address the area and structures that are causing the symptoms
  7. Reassessment during and after treatment
  8. Biorhythms and Bowen: Another Bowen perspective to approach non-resolving cases. A good way to achieve success for cases where we’ve reached a “dead-end.”

Workshop pre-requiste: Module 7

Workshop: 2 days (16 hours CE)

Dates & locations: 

Brisbane: 21-22 November
Cairns: 24-25 November
Melbourne: 2-3 December
Sydney: 8-9 December

Register now using the form available here

More about Georgi Ilchev:

A graduate of the Physiotherapy Department of the University of Rousse, Bulgaria (2001), Georgi possesses considerable knowledge in anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, kinesiology and functional diagnosis of the human body. He ran a regular Ph.D program on “Specifying the technique of performance in the manual muscle testing of some muscle or muscle groups” between 2002 – 2007, and graduated from the Public Health department of the Medical University in Sofia, specialising in Health Management in 2007. Georgi has authored seven publications in the field of manual muscle testing and kinesiology and three publications in the Bowen therapy field. He has run a successful private practice as a Physiotherapist since 2001 in Sofia, Bulgaria and been a Senior Bowtech Instructor since 2015. Georgi is the President of the Bowen Therapy Association of Bulgaria.


*Individual treatment results vary as no two bodies are the same.

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