Geopathic stress and the human body

“Science now acknowledges that many things, once considered harmless, are now known to be harmful. Trying to understand health brought up the question that regulation of a human organism involves more than just nerve impulses and hormones. BiomedicineĀ links the laws of physics and chemistry to view the body as an integrated, coordinated functioning system, and to understand the biological, vibratory phenomena that is referred to as the ‘living state,’ or ‘health.’

Geopathic stress has been found to be a common factor in most serious long term illnesses and physiological conditions. Many ill people report feeling keenly aware that something is not quite right, but they struggle to put their finger on it. They know something unseen is affecting their health. Many know it be alternating current (AC), otherwise known as electricity.

Geopathic stress can be found above or below the ground:

Below ground stressors are found on the earth’s pathogenic sites and can be detected by dowsing, e.g. dry faults, leylines (earth energy lines), or underground streams or rivers which carry electromagnetic frequencies, as do underground high tension electrical wires. Underground water flows freely and has naturally occurring salts and minerals; so it is the perfect carrier of electric and magnetic fields.

Above ground stressors are man-made interferences of high frequencies, such as electromagnetic fields from radio, TV, radar, satellites, microvwares, mobile phone towers, electrical transformers and power lines, visible, infrared, ultraviolet light, X-rays, gamma rays in packets of photons. Hertz is a measure of frequency, and some can range from a few thousand of an Hz to a giga Hz (one billion cycles per second). The higher the frequency of vibration – the more energy per packet.

We have infused the earth’s atmosphere with these non-ionizing electromagnetic fields (frequencies) that don’t exist in nature. We use all sorts of odd frequencies, e.g. unnatural strength, alternating current, digital signals, without understanding the full biological effects on, both, the earth and its inhabitants.

Electromagnetic radiation is a term used to describe an invisible form of frequency transmitted through the atmosphere. Using a variety of appliances can set up pulses which interact with other fields of energy to product complex interference patterns in our immediate environment, while signals from radio, TV, cell phone towers, satellite-up-links and down-links act as huge antenna. All of these signals can produce intense but unpredictable energetic ‘hot-spots,’ adding to geopathic stress found below ground, affecting the immune system.

Electromagnetic fields are also invisible and radiating away from all electrical appliances in the home, office or factory, in cars, trucks and buses also overhead tram and train lines. Our human body also produces electrical charges and is surrounded by a biomagnetic field, which changes with every event in the organism, either normal or pathological, and it alters the magnetic fields around the body.

The human body is a biological system and performs thousands of electronic, physiological and biochemical processes each second on a smoothly operating basis. Like a radio transmitter, our cells and living tissues pick up energy vibrations, and proper functioning can be interrupted by the chaotic external electromagnetic background in an unpredictable way.

The earth has its own frequency that is known as Schumann resonance, which was discovered in 1950 and confirmed in 1960. The electromagnetic standing waves cause a fast pulsation in the space between the surface of earth and the ionosphere, providing a link between celestial rhythms and human physiology. It is influenced by cyclic astronomical activities, such as geomagnetic storms, and has increased from its normal 7.8Hz to more than 18.8Hz in 2007.

This can create additional energy imbalances on the emotional, mental and physical bodies, as it overlaps with the electromagnetic fields of the heart and brain or other biocircuits, such as meridians (which serve as ‘trains’ in the fascia for long-distance physiological communication).

The whole body is a continuously interconnected living matrix which generates bio-electrical signals occurring as waves, regulating processes of an informational network, and is sensitive to magnetic fields.

Waves are distributed throughout the system into the tiniest cell via the connective tissue layers surrounding all nerve cells. It represents a ‘dual nerve system’ in the human body, and it integrates all other vibratory circuits for information of energy flow. It operates on direct current (DC), sets up coherent vibrations that integrate vital processes via the nervous system, and controls injury repair. EMR (AC) affects the body’s channels of biochemical impulses via the living matrix.

Biological systems respond in different ways to different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum and rhythms can be entrained with natural and artificial electric fields. Example: a soprano shatters a crystal glass singing a high note that coincides with the natural frequency of the glass. The same thing can happen to molecules in the body as it interferes with impulses, or stops health treatments from working well.

Negative earth energies and our man-made electromagnetic fields from electrical equipment are forces. They affect people in ways that can cause them to lose physical strength, energy and emotional stability, and feel fatigued even after a night’s sleep. It can also cause aching joints and muscles, heightened emotional sensitivity, hyperactivity and aggression. It alters brain wave functions, e.g confusion, memory impairment, co-ordination, can affect sleep patterns, and contribute to disease.

Research has shown that radio frequency radiation affects the immune system by causing disruption in the metabolism on a molecular scale and in DNA repair, e.g. not absorbing nutrients correctly, significant tissue changes leading to headaches, depression or stress. It causes damage to vital cells in the brain, and over a period of years the radiation opens up the blood-brain barrier that protects brain tissue from toxic chemicals circulating in the blood.

Doctors in Europe investigated more than 10,000 cancer patients and found that 92% lived in a geopathic stress environment. The Dulwich Health Society (UK) checked more than 25,000 people with ill health, and found that 80-95% of cancer patients, hyperactive children, women who miscarry, or people who get divorced, are living or working in a geopathic stress environment. Radiesthesia is classed in Europe as a science and in Germany geobiologists visit patients houses on geopathic stress.

Bowen Therapy is able to bring balance to the organs and body systems in a holistic way, and benefits may be achieved such as stimulating the fascial communication system of the body, balancing the Autonomic Nervous System, and restoring the flow of energy through the myofascial or meridian pathways. It brings messages to the brain and feedback to the injured part of the body through impulses and responses via the classical neuromuscular mechanism. This communication occurs three times faster via the fascia system – the continuum pathways of the living matrix at the speed of sound (1,100 km/h).”

Anne Winter, Bowtech Instructor

Originally printed in Bowen Hands, March 2013

In her post-graduate workshop Energy, Vibration and Bowen, Anne offers education in how to counteract geopathic stress to assist the body’s natural healing abilities.

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  1. by star

    On November 30, 2018

    Thank you for your article. I read an article called “Working with the Devas to Heal Geopathic Stress
    in which Ann Merit found a way to heal areas on the Earth of the stresses. Have you head of
    her and or do you know of her method. The article was written some years ago. With their method they were able to clear large tracts of land and homes etc. It sounds like they were doing a type of Bowen Therapy on the Earth šŸ™‚ If you know of her and her work would love to hear from you.
    Many Blessings Star

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