Video: Bowen therapy for breast cancer

Through 10 months of active treatment for breast cancer, including chemotherapy, surgery and radiation, Pat Purdy commenced Bowen therapy. She says,

“I knew somewhere that Bowen therapy was going to be key in helping me with my recovery and tolerating the drugs and the therapies that I was going through. And I was right. It did. It helped me immensely.”

Continue watching the video below to discover how often Pat sought Bowen therapy through her treatment, how long after chemotherapy she found she needed to wait before having Bowen, which Bowen procedures she found the most helpful and much more. Interviewed by US Instructor, Sandra Gustafson.

If you are a Bowen therapist and would like to learn more about how Bowen therapy can support people living with cancer, please join us in August for Sandra Gustafson’s workshops:

Bowenwork for People Living with Cancer (1 day workshop)

Pre-requisite: Module 6

Sydney: 16 August
Brisbane: 24 August

Download a brochure and registration form for further info here.

Also available: Women’s Wellness (2 day workshop)

Pre-requisite: Module 7

Hobart: 11-12 August – Email BAA for registrations at
Sydney: 14-15 August
Brisbane: 22-23 August

Download a brochure and registration form for further info here.

Individual treatment results vary as no two people are the same.

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  1. by carol pamment

    On June 20, 2018

    Hi Sandra,
    I find your video very good, and have like to share it onto my page here in New Zealand. Unfortunately for some reason it will not share.
    Be nice for us here in New Zealand to have more things like this to be able to hare onto our facebook pages. Is this possible.?
    Do you know how it would be more easy to share?
    cheers carol

  2. by Administrator

    On June 20, 2018

    Hi Carol,
    Thanks for your reply. Please join our Facebook page at where you’ll find lots of great Bowen content to share with your audience. If you’d like to share the video, try using the Vimeo link instead:

  3. by Margaret Whitbread

    On July 9, 2018

    Please could you contact me ,im interested in doing the one day workshop on care for cancer.

  4. by Administrator

    On July 11, 2018

    Hi Margaret,
    We’ve sent you an email. Hope to see you there!

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