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Trusting the intelligence and Bowen by Margaret Spicer

Originally published in Bowen Hands, The Journal of the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia, June 2015

The innate intelligence

Our bodies are dynamic entities in a continual state of change. Orchestrating the body is an innate intelligence or self-healing mechanism which uses signs and symptoms as a means of communication. It is important to understand that this intelligence has its own way of functioning according to its own parameters and, for us to establish dialogue or communication, we must first learn to ‘listen.’ Sensation is the language of the body.

The ‘bodymind’ is formed from a complex interrelationship of heredity together with a myriad of considerations of the personal physical, emotional, ‘mental,’ environmental and spiritual histories. This very personal and original history or biography is held as our memory. When an individual has been exposed to constant stress or experience trauma, these memories are usually stored in areas of the body which have literally been ‘shut off.’ These ares may be numb, resulting in a lack of sensitivity, or the response may be heightened or hypersensitive.

Tension in the body masks sensation, the communication channel. Similarly as stimulae become familiar, awareness of sensation diminishes. Pain also causes muscles to contract, blocking the responsiveness of tissue; however it does provide a ‘shout’ and encourages awareness of areas in need of attention. Emotions also motivate and integrate the body. They are not a nuisance to be discharged, however if they are denied their proper physical expression, this leads to a state of anxiety where the person also becomes desensitised with the unexpressed emotion trapped in the body and manifesting as physical sensations.

The Subtle Anatomy Component

Over the years researchers have searched for ‘memory’ within the physical form. Modern researchers now regard memory as possible without cells, that is, memory endures whilst cells don’t. It is considered that the body-brain is the physical substrate of the mind which has yet another ‘immaterial substrate.’ Exploring some of the ancient traditional philosophical concepts related to the bodymind, we begin to see how the physical form represents a reflection of all levels of the subtle energy fields of man. This underlying ‘energy body’ includes the meridians, chakras and levels of the human aura.

The meridians, which carry the ‘chi’ energy through the body, whilst not visible to the naked eye, can be felt by the trained hand and indeed clients can often feel sensations along a meridian after a Bowen move. Each meridian and chakra is associated with particular mental and emotional components, thus the study of the subtle anatomy of man can direct the practitioner to underlying causative factors related to the client’s dis-ease. Similarly, being aware of the muscle links to the various meridians enhances our understanding of the language of the sensations.

The Healing component

An aspect of healing is to provide an environment where the client feels safe and supported without the pressure of the alertness required for survival. That is to provide an environment conducive to a calm state where the body can find its own natural rhythm, allowing the time of rest and integration of new information to the body.

Following a Bowen move, the client will most often experience sensations somewhere in the body. When one is able to observe these sensations with equanimity, that is, scan the body’s sensations and observe with acceptance whatever is being experienced, this simple observation of the sensations begins the clearing from the bodymind of any current or potential psychosomatic diseases. Hyper or hypo sensitive areas can be brought into a balance through touch and body scanning which both relax the muscle tissues, increase blood flow, and generally equalise attention to include all sensations.

As one observes the sensations with equanimity, layers of memory can surface into consciousness. While quite often people will consciously recall situations from their past, one doesn’t have to have conscious recall of the particular mental content being cleared, nor does one have to know its relationship to the physical body. Simply having awareness of the sensations and observing them with equanimity commences the healing process. When change and release do occur, it is initiated via the inherent intelligence at the appropriate time and place. It cannot be forced. Encouraging the client to become aware of their own body and need to ‘listen’ to the body are all important considerations.

On a deep spiritual level, we literally hold ourselves apart from our true selves via these memories which are stored as contractions in our cellular consciousness. A truly relaxed body allows a deep connection to our essence and provides true presence and vitality through the physical form.

Recognising the existence of an inherent self-healing mechanism, this presentation explores the innate intelligence of a person as it relates to the subtle anatomy systems of man, and links the sensations of the body as experienced during a Bowen treatment as a direct means to support this intelligence.

Links between these sensations, disorders presenting in the bodymind, the physical and subtle anatomy of the body, including muscle/meridian, chakra, and reflex area aspects will be explored too as the role of awareness and observation of sensation and their relation to ‘memory’ and healing will be explored.


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  1. by Ingrid Mozart

    On June 22, 2015

    Thanks Margaret for this great article.
    I use your Mind, Body, Bowen research to great advantage for my clients benefit. This Bowenwork is truly an artform bridging the natural intelligence of the therapist and the client. How wonder-full!!

  2. by Linda Andrews

    On August 6, 2017

    Hi Margaret! I am happy to say that my clients are really loving the mind body Bowen effect! I have had some stunning results and one rebirth that totally blew my clients mind! She knew her birth had been difficult but in reality she almost died. An epidural actually affected her and stopped her breathing and she got stuck in the canal and had to be yanked out! Her body and breathing went into contortions on the table. I was a little nervous as the pain kept increasing and after twenty minutes her chest expanded and she virtually collapsed. It took almost an hour for her to be able to stand up! I was amazed. She said she is feeling so much lighter.. thank you again for this amazing technique to help in our healing journey! Warmly, Linda


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