Margaret Spicer

Margaret Spicer has been Bowen Therapist for 25+ years and a passionate Bowenwork Instructor since 2000. She describes her own personal journey with Bowen as “inspiring.”

In the classroom, Margaret aims for a friendly and supportive experience for students. She is deeply committed to encouraging both new students and experienced practitioners to realise their full potential as Bowen practitioners.

Having always held a great interest in the philosophies and practices of natural healing including mind-body integration and the innate intelligence of the body, Margaret brings her own personal experience and more than 25 years of clinical practice to the fore to encourage others to explore Bowenwork in-depth.

Margaret has also been instrumental in co-developing the Mind Body Bowen workshop with fellow trainer, Anne Schubert. This continually evolving workshop, now delivered by Margaret and Vianne MacBeth, explores how Bowen links with mind-body healing and holistic health. The workshop has been taken by practitioners for continuing education around Australasia since 2002 and throughout Europe and North America since 2004.

In 2021, Margaret created a brand new continuing education workshop, Bowen in Practice – Exploring further perspectives, which explores how Bowen Therapy connects directly to our clients’ ‘inner doctors’ or ‘felt’/interoceptive sense. Bowen in Practice is taught by Margaret and Vianne.

With a background originally as a pharmacist, then a naturopath with around 30+ years of involvement in natural therapies, and a successful clinical specialist Bowen practice in Sydney, Margaret brings in-depth knowledge and a wealth of experience to each class.

NOTE: Registrations for SP2 Master Class are via Bowtech directly. Please contact them here.

Certificate IV in Bowen Therapy 10846NAT

20/07/2024 - 21/07/2024
Module 4
Sydney - North Sydney,nsw
07/09/2024 - 08/09/2024
Module 5
Sydney - North Sydney,nsw
19/10/2024 - 20/10/2024
Module 6
Sydney - North Sydney,nsw
30/11/2024 - 01/12/2024
Module 7
Sydney - North Sydney,nsw

Diploma of Specialised Bowen Therapy 10847NAT

13/09/2024 - 15/09/2024
Module 8
Sydney - North Sydney,nsw
06/12/2024 - 08/12/2024
Module 9
Sydney - North Sydney,nsw
07/03/2025 - 09/03/2025
Module 10
Sydney - North Sydney,nsw
30/05/2025 - 01/06/2025
Module 11
Sydney - North Sydney,nsw
22/08/2025 - 24/08/2025
Module 12
Sydney - North Sydney,nsw


22/06/2024 - 23/06/2024
Practitioner Days A & B
Sydney - North Sydney,nsw
29/06/2024 - 30/06/2024
Mind Body Bowen
13/07/2024 - 14/07/2024
SP2 Master Class
Sydney - North Sydney,nsw
27/07/2024 - 28/07/2024
Bowen in Practice – Exploring further perspectives
09/11/2024 - 10/11/2024
Mind Body Bowen
23/11/2024 - 24/11/2024
Bowen in Practice – Exploring further perspectives