Bowen Inside Out – Level Two

Build on your Level One skills with additional assessment tools to further support your Bowen Therapy practice. Bowen Inside Out – Level Two is available online. Face-to-face classes coming soon.

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This workshop explores:

  • Reading signs and symptoms in the body using Iridology, nutritional and musculoskeletal markers in the iris, and sclera signs, body posture, facial assessment, tongue assessment, and hand and nail assessment
  • Personality indicators in the iris – a great tool for learning how to best treat and support our clients
  • The study of facial shapes and signs and how they relate to body predispositions and prominent facial markings
  • Further mapping of the tongue and ways to use assess the tongues many markings
  • Palm and hand signs relating to energy and body symptoms
  • Bowen treating planning according to body signs
  • Reviews of corresponding Bowen moves

Presented By: Christos Miliankos
Duration: 2 days face to face (coming soon) OR 1 day online
Pre-requisite: Bowen Inside Out – Level One and Module 7
Continuing Education Units: 16 hours (Category 1) face to face OR 8 hours online (Category 1)

27/09/2024 - 27/09/2024
Zoom interactive workshop,online