Bowen Therapy Retreat

A unique opportunity to deepen your learning while unwinding from daily stresses. Revitalise your body, mind & spirit in the beautiful Great Lakes district of NSW at this 2-day Bowen Therapy Retreat with Anne Schubert. You’ll experience unique Bowen procedures tailor-made for your individual needs. Take barefoot walks along sandy beaches to aid detoxofication. Stroll beside beautiful Wallis Lake as the sun sets to restore your spirit. Together, we’ll discuss all things Bowen deeply to reignite your enthusiasm for this wonderful modality.

This workshop explores:

  • Skills support & mentoring (includes an ongoing mentoring program)
  • Revision of extended/updated procedures, such as the knee procedure, thoracic procedure, pelvic procedure, upper respiratory/TMJ procedures, coccyx procedure plus any others you request
  • Time out for you, in a relaxed & beautiful environment to deepen your learning
  • Revitalise your body, mind & spirit at Forster in the beautiful Great Lakes district
  • Practical hands-on partner sessions: develop an individualised treatment for your partner using assessment, body indicators, and specialised muscle & meridian charts
  • Hints, handouts & discussion for specific client needs
  • Troubleshoot challenging cases

Bowen Therapy Retreat is a 2-day retreat in Forster, NSW. Includes guest presenters with various specialised interests.

Presented By: Anne Schubert
Pre-requisite: Module 7
2 days
Location: Forster NSW
Continuing Education Units: 16 hours CE

02/11/2024 - 03/11/2024