SP2 Master Class

SP2 Master Class introduces a full range of new procedures that can address all areas of the body with many more options for any problem areas, especially shoulders, backs and the abdominal area. The weekend is full of practical work and offers a leap forward in your treatments and understanding of Bowen. It will help you to apply the Bowen technique in an individualised way, targeting treatment to specific needs.

To attend, practitioners are expected to hold good working knowledge and clinical experience with Bowen to be able to discern when to use these new procedures effectively.

If you are looking for better clinical outcomes and a more professional approach to your Bowen, practitioners may attend SP2 ‘Master’ Class by Bowtech registration only. Register your interest here or contact Bowtech directly here.

Presented By: Ossie and Elaine Rentsch & SP2 registered Instructors
Pre-requisite: Module 11. You must be a member of the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia.
2 days
Continuing Education Units: 8 hours per day

26/06/2021 - 27/06/2021
Sydney - Randwick,nsw
28/08/2021 - 29/08/2021