Special Revision

Revise and review Bowen procedures based on a theme or special area of interest with our Special Revision days. These days include discussion around pathologies related to a particular theme, as well as demonstration and hands-on practice of the relevant Bowtech procedures. Special Revision Days offer greater variety and interest for professional practitioners. All practitioners are welcome!

Special Revision offers the opportunity to review clinical practices around a particular theme. For example, a specific anatomical region, little-used procedures, working with babies and children, seated Bowenwork, strapping, specific conditions, etc.

Continuing education is an exciting opportunity for ongoing development for every practitioner and these revision days offer the flexibility to tailor your learning to your specific clinical needs. Explore new ways to address clinical scenarios to increase your skills and deepen your understanding of Bowen therapy.

Contact your local trainer and let them know if you have a specific interest area you’d like to explore! Why not gather a group of Bowen colleagues and make a day of it.

You can explore our other CEU workshops here.

Special Revision 4-5 June 2022 with Margaret Spicer and Vianne MacBeth

This special review class will take the opportunity to review a Bowen session from the perspective of both client and practitioner, particularly appropriate as we start to emerge from a year of chaos linked to the Covid pandemic, bushfires, floods, etc. Clients are presenting with greater levels of anxiety and stress, fatigue, many traumatised by the uncertainty of daily life. We will review and practise procedures to address individual client presentations, at the same time gaining a deeper understanding of body wisdom indicators for the selection of procedures. Time will be allocated to discuss difficult chronic cases.

Presented By: BTA trainers
Pre-requisite: Module 7
Up to 1 day (8 hours)
Continuing Education Units: 1 hour per hour attended – max 8 hours