Cellular change with Bowen Technique

“People ask, ‘what is the Bowen Technique?’ It is a system of gentle but powerful soft tissue, mobilisations using the thumbs and fingers over muscles, tendons, nerves, and fascia to restore the self-healing mechanism of the body. People are amazed at the sensations they feel after a Bowen session.

Tom Bowen, the founder of the Bowen Technique, declared it a gift from God. A humble man, who had pure heart intentions of helping people, he had amazing results from this healing technique. Tom Bowen never advertised his services; his clientele did this through their testimonials. Tom Bowen eventually had to give up his work in the Geelong, Victoria (Australia) cement factory to cater to all the new clients that came to him for his treatments. The Bowen Technique achieved results.

Looking further into the Bowen Technique one realizes it is also working with our energy systems. Not just the central nervous system but our meridians which are like rivers that dissect our fascia, organs and all body matter. Every cell in our body has its own electromagnetic field and each field pulses at different vibrations. These fields respond to internal and external environments. Now that is communication at a different level! Our fascinating body is constantly seeking its desired balance. No two bodies are the same.

What is fascia? Our bodies are made up of many different cells: heart cells, liver cells, kidney cells, skin cells, and the list goes on. Each cellular structure is surrounded by fascia. Fascia is like a web that wraps around all our cells, organs, bones, muscles, tendons, tissues, vessels. It acts like a telephone with many lines that are constantly transmitting and receiving. It is predominately collagen. Collagen has a characteristic of toughening when under stress, and today our lives are becoming more stressful. Imagine if our cell wrapping becomes restricted, what may happen to our bodies! Imagine squeezed vessels restricting our life forces. Well that is another article.

What can we use Bowen Technique for? To restore the self-healing mechanism of the body. I certainly can vouch for expedited recovery time post operative surgery, trauma which comes in physical and emotional forms, mental illness, physical injuries, hormonal issues, muscle damage, restricted fascia, confidence building, preventative illness, and the list goes on.

When I did my first Bowen class I was so amazed at the physical and energy movement. I wanted to know more! People changed and noticed differences within their bodies. As a student, part of my studies required a presentation linking Science with Bowen. I immediately knew what I wanted to research. My presentation was called “Evidence of Change in the Cellular Matrix Behaviour before and after a Bowen Technique session”.

To set-up my project, I engaged a pathology technican and I asked for volunteer subjects to receive a Bowen treatment, I also included a control subject. Every person received identical treatments except for the control subject who was allowed to rest for the same period of time as the other subjects. All had before and after treatment blood samples taken. I didn’t expect the results that we received.

I am continuing my studies of energy medicine and I am thankful to the Bowen Technique which initiated this journey. Bowen Technique is an amazing tool and one that I hope our medical arena will embrace.

Two pathological terms explained before we view some slide photos:

  • Clumping is known as cells sticking together
  • Ghosting is known as cellular degenerating or clarification

At the end of my research study, after viewing the many slides, it was evident there is an energetic change happening within the body after just one session of Bowen.”

Originally printed in Bowen Hands, March 2012

Kay Stammers: Student nurse, Bowen Technique practitioner, Remedial Massage Therapist. Phone 0409 625 932
Maria Waldock: Pathology Technician (Diploma of Applied Sciences – Pathology) www.mylifeblood.com.au


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